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Hand in Hand courses
for Professionals

Welcome to the CBEPF Forum where our mission is to make a difference in the lives of pregnant moms & dads through the professionals they are taught by.

Our Aim is to keep educators updated on evidence based birth so pregnant moms and dads can make informed decisions along their pregnancy and parenting journey. 


That any professional wearing a Hand in Hand badge can be trusted to give great education with empathy, understanding and expertise so they can enrich their clients experience. 

Entrance Requirements
Healthcare professional qualification
Stand alone modules
Core Modules x 7 
Modules of Choice x 3
Core Modules
Practice management
Teaching with Pizazz
Pregnancy Journey
Physiologic birth 
Medical interventions 
Breastfeed with confidence 

Newborn Nurturing

Portfolio of evidence
Resource cupboard 
Learning Moments
Development of teaching materials 
Birth observations & write ups
Doula observations & write ups 
Trauma interview & write up
Observe & document skin to skin 
Observe & document 9 instinctive stages
Fact Sheets

Discussion article
Teaching Video 
Modules of choice
Mental Health for mom & family
Maternal mental ill-health
Self care of the professional 
Confidence building 
Perinatal loss
Birth Asphyxia
Perinatal HIV
LGBQT+ families 
Rainbow families 4th trimester options 
Diabetes in Pregnancy 
Hypertension in pregnancy
Exercise in pregnancy
Grandparents & newborns 
Course Costings
Specialised childbirth educators course
R12 500 including VAT

Registration fee
(non-refundable deposit)
Payment Options
Option 1 - R 12 500
Deposit R6 000 upon registration
2 x payments of R3 250 3 months apart

Option 2 - R 13 000
Deposit R4 000 upon registration
3 x payments of R3 000, 3 months apart

Option 3 - R 14 500
Deposit R3 500 upon registration 
11 x payments of R1 000 per month
Course Length
One year to complete 
An extension may be granted under certain circumstances
Stand-alone modules
Costing per module - R 1 250
Starting a practice 
Teaching with Pizazz
Pregnancy Journey

Physiological birth
Medical Interventions 
Breastfeed with Confidence 
Newborn Nurturing

Two intakes a year
Friday 23rd February 2024
Friday 7th June 2024
Lynne Bluff
083 227 6712

Pricing options

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