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Hand in Hand courses
for non-healthcare professionals

Welcome to the Lay Childbirth Educators Forum where our mission is to make a difference in the lives of pregnant moms & dads through the educators they are taught by.

Our Aim is to keep educators updated on evidence based birth so pregnant moms and dads can make informed decisions along their pregnancy and parenting journey. 


That any educator wearing a Hand in Hand badge can be trusted to give great education with empathy, understanding and expertise so they can enrich their clients experience. 

Entrance Requirements
Mother herself
Digitally Literate
Access to internet & Zoom
Core Modules (12)
  1. Pregnancy Basics
  2. Childbirth Basics / Pregnancy Foundations
  3. Practice managemnet - Setting up a practice
  4. Teaching with Pizazz
  5. Childbirth education basics / Foundation of CBE
  6. Preperation for Labour and birth - Trusting birth 
  7. Pain in Labour 
  8. What if in Labour... when the pathway changes 
  9. Birthing moments the passage of life
  10. Newborn notes and nurturing 
  11. Postnatal recovery 
  12. Help is at hand 
Practical Requirements
  • Observe a doula supporting during labour and Birth, & do a write up (particularly observing comfort measure of labour that promote the progress and process of physiological labour) 
  • Observe and document the 9 instinctive stages and skin to skin immediately after birth 
  • Conduct a birth experience interview and debriefing 
  • Observe provided video births and critique the care given
  • Video part of a teaching class
Course Costings
Certified childbirth educators course
R15 000 Including Vat

Payment of R4 000 to register 

(non-refundable deposit)
Course Length
14 months to complete 
An extension may be granted under certain circumstances
Payment Options
Option 1
Deposit - non-refundable - R4 000
Balance due after 1 month - R11 000

Option 2
Deposit R4 000 before course starts
R1 500 per month x 7 months 
R1 450 x 1 
= R15 500

Option 3
Deposit R4 000 before course starts
R 1 000 per month x 12 months
= R16 000
Portfolio of evidence
Resource cupboard 
Learning Moments 
Development of teaching materials 
Fact Sheets
Discussion Article 
Teaching Video 
Birth Observations and write ups 
Trauma interview and write up
Observe and document skin to skin
Observe and document 9 instinctive stages
Starting date
Tuesday 20th February 2024
Tuesday 16th July 2024

Pricing Options

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